Important..y..ish..sorta 2

Hey everyone! Just a quick note to let you know that Jen and I are now over on tumblr until we find the time to be more active on-line. You can find us here: It just didn’t make sense to spend 30+ Euro on a webspace that we can’t currently use. I’m going to …read more

Top 10 Books We’re Looking Forward to in 2014 18

Top 10 Books We're Looking Forward to in 2014

Oh God, it’s 2014 soon. JEN HOLD ME *Jen rocks a sobbing Patricia back and forth* (I have no fucking clue how I went on thinking 2013 would be soon over, without realising it’d mean it’d be 2014, then..)   Jen’s Picks Sweet Reckoning (Sweet Evil #3) by Wendy Higgins It’s time. Evil is running …read more

Best Book Boyfriends of 2013 7

Best Book Boyfriends of 2013

All we wanted for Christmas was timetravel, immortality and eternal youth. You? …read more

Best Blank of 2013 23

Best Blank of 2013

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate today! (And Happy Holidays to those who don’t. ;)) Since Jen had to do the cover post, I’ll take this one and go with villains. (The rules say we have to pick one of those topics: Villains, Contemporaries, Dual POVs, Novellas, Adult titles, New Adult titles, Love Triangles, Couples, Bad …read more

Best Book Covers of 2013 8

Best Book Covers of 2013

Since Patricia has as much taste in covers as a snail, Jen had to gracefully end up writing the entire post. (Sorry, Jen!) Jen here! Okay, so time for some serious eye candy! :) Now, I know all those prom dresses, swishy dresses, pretty dresses, dresses, dresses, dresses pretty much make up the majority of …read more

Best Books We’ve Read in 2013 32

Best Books We've Read in 2013

Hey everyone! Surprise, surprise! Even though we’re super crazy lazy (Patricia), and busy (Jen), we couldn’t let the Top Ten of-Event pass us by. If you haven’t heard of it, check this post out! :) Today’s topic is our favourite books of 2013. Thankfully, we don’t need to pick 2013 releases, just books we’ve read …read more

Good books, good food, good.. lip balm? 1

Good books, good food, good.. lip balm?

In which Patricia loves things and casually wonders in the summary whether this is one of the signs of the apocalypse. Also includes picture of one food. Grammar mistake intentional. …read more

What Patricia Has… Not Been Reading 5

Give me recs, and talk about long time favourite tropes, everyone? :) …read more

Waiting on: Hurt by Tabitha Suzuma 2

Waiting on: Hurt by Tabitha Suzuma

Why? is the burning question on everyone’s lips. Why would a guy like Mathéo Walsh want to die? At seventeen, he is Britain’s most promising diving champion. He is a heartthrob, a straight A student and lives in one of the wealthiest areas of London. He has great mates and is the envy of everyone around him. And most importantly of all, he is deeply in love with his girlfriend, Lola. He has always been a stable, well-adjusted guy…

Until one weekend. A weekend he cannot seem to remember. All he knows is that he has come back a changed person. One who no longer knows how to have fun, no longer wants to spend time with his friends, no longer enjoys diving. Something terrible happened that weekend – something violent and bloody and twisted. He no longer knows who he is. He no longer trusts himself around people: he only wants to hurt, wound and destroy. Slowly, he begins to piece back the buried, fragmented memories, and finds himself staring at the reflection of a monster.

Tormented, Mathéo suddenly finds himself faced with the most devastating choice of his life. Keep his secret, and put those closest to him in terrible danger. Or confess, and lose Lola forever… …read more

What Patricia Has Been Reading 14

What Patricia Has Been Reading

A long, long time ago, I can still remember how I spent all of my time on-line. And I’d review the many books I read, spent every single buck I’d get, on buying more books and instantly reading them. And I’d leave comments everyday, I would drop by your blog to say, Hey have you read this sweet little geeeeeem? Don’t worry I won’t continue singing, it’s just, this is my thing, and if you’re honest, isn’t it really cuuuute? Okay, no, I’ll stop- Just a little recap post with no singing whatsoever! …read more